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A question about small, DIY-crafty gifts for a nerdy fellow.

(Anonymous in case this nerdy fellow is a nerdy MeFite as well). I've gotten myself into an online swap where I am to make two items to send to another person. Apparently my swap partner is a Linux guy who appreciates things that he can use (as opposed to, say, a Tux the Penguin pencil sharpener cozy).

Other than a Lego thumbdrive or some throwies, I'm kind of lost. I think that the thumb drive, while cool, isn't quite involved enough, and the throwies, while also cool, are a little spendy (I'd want to make him a bunch, and at about a dollar a pop, it adds up quickly).

So what are some other things I could make? Mario dishtowels? Ubuntu windowshades? I'm stumped. I have no real crafting skills (I can't crochet, solder, knit, etc.) but I'm an eager learner.

I think that a realistic budget would be around $20-$30 total, for two small-medium gifts. Obviously, inexpensive crafts are ideal.
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I love fridge magnets. I'm planning to make Glass Blob and other magnets for this year's holiday gifts. Packaged in Altoids tins. This homemade Altoids tin speaker is pretty cool. Nothin says Geek like repurposed Altoids tins.
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theora55: how do you make those Glass Blob magnets?
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bristol, here's notmartha's take on marble magnets. Seriously, they couldn't be more easy.
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Check out etsy for ideas. Look under "geekery" for some truly original, nerd friendly creations.
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The "Misc. Gift Idea Brain Blockage" section of the forums has some good generic ideas (or search the entire forum for "nerdy" or geeky" or "linux" -- you get 4 pages of results just searching for "linux".) Since you don't know him, all the t-shirt/complicated knitted scarf/etc. ideas seem too personal -- but any kind of miscellaneous useful object would be cool.

(Whoa, there's a downright serious site about soft-toy penguin sewing instructions.)

You could make an accordion envelope with black paper envelopes, blank labels or no labels, and a different kind of clasp.
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I dunno...I think the Lego thumb drive is pretty hot.
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Ooooh you could make the abovementioned magnets, have one be the little pengie, and then the other five say L-I-N-U-X. Hawt.
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Regarding the glass magnets above, we made a crapload of them and that was extra cool. The best part afterward was finding out that they would stick to the metal edging behind the paint on all the corners of our walls.
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How about a space invaders tote bag?
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One of these kits?
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Lego thumbdrive inside a lego darth vader minifig, instead of a plain lego brick?
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