Where can I find a USB lock?
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Where can I find a device that locks a USB port to a specific mouse or keyboard?

I'm looking for a "lock" of some sorts that doesn't allow a user to remove a keyboard a mouse from that specific computer. It's crucial that it actually be implemented at the actual USB port- using zip ties, for instance, would still allow a user to unplug the device and plug something else in.

I've also looked at software implementations, but the only thing I can find are edits for disabling the USB port itself- if we did this, I would not be able to use the mouse and the keyboard!

The computer has no PS/2 ports, so we couldn't just disable all the USB's and use those. I feel like a device like this must exist though-how else would they control computer usage in secure areas?

FWIW, these are going to be on linux and windows-based machines, so the more cross-platform, the better. Thanks!
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you're probably better off securing the box itself. Do users need to access the CD drive or the power button? If not, lock the computer up in a box and run the cables out the back of that.
(be sure to provide adequate ventilation.)
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Best answer: The simple solution (and the only one I've ever seen in practice) is to enclose the computer in a locked cabinet, with holes just large enough for the wires to pass through.

This is what you would do in a "secure area", since it also protects against other physical attacks like hard drive theft/replacement.
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Could you do something like disable plug and play services and prevent the user accounts from the ability to manually load drivers so they can't add their own devices? I don't know what OS you are running...
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Shoot, I missed the last line about linux.
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Best answer: Write a script that locks the computer screen with admin password access if the USB daemon or policy agent has to do anything — i.e., if the keyboard or mouse is unplugged, the notifier fires off a screen lock.
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