a nice, relaxed outdoor restaurant in toronto?
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toronto dining: a friend of mine is leaving toronto for a job in spain and is getting some friends together for dinner. she's looking for a nice restaurant, not terrifically expensive since everyone's a student, ideally a mellow sort of place with a patio or outdoors seating, and by the lake or at least with a nice view. or at least somewhere with that kind of casual summery atmosphere. got any suggestions?
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No, but..

Pearl, a classy Chinese restaurant in Queens Quay Terminal, has the most fantastic view of the harbour, and very good food. They used to have very good prices for such a classy place, but looking at the menu on their website I get the feeling prices have gone up a bit, or maybe it's my price sensitivity.

Probably not the right answer, but you did say lake view :P
Well, actually you didn't.. But, you did say lake and view! Just, you know, separately..
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Utopia on College (about half-way between Bathurst and Ossington) doesn't have much of a view but does have a patio and fairly open-air inside dining room with a view of the crowds walking past on College's Little Italy strip.

The atmosphere's laid back, the menu is absolutely fantastic (lots of veg. options too) and it's quite inexpensive. Here's

Utopia's homepage:


Toronto Life's review:

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7 West, on Charles just west of Yonge, has a great back deck--doesn't have the best view, but it's a funky little spot.

Can't beat the people-watching at the Black Bull (I think that's the name)--it's at Queen West & Peter. Huuuuuuuuuuuge patio. Food's not fantastic, but it's cheap and it'll fill you up.
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7 West is alright, but I remember it being a little pricey the last time I went (a few years back, so don't take my word for it).

I can't recommend Chowhound enough. An earlier question of mine here brought it to my attention and I use it almost exclusively when trying to find restaurants. A quick search brought up a few lake view restaurant recommendations. From my experience, aside from condo developments, there is not much else along the lake (like restaurants etc.) but I haven't spent much time looking.
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