A Book About Rain?
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I am looking for a book about rain. For instance, cultural views of rain, the history of rain, basically any type of non-fiction book that deals with rain (other than from a purely scientific perspective)
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Maybe something about monsoon season in whatever location it happens? I also think there might be books about what happens to the desert after it rains.

Sorry to be so unhelpful, but I figured I'd contribute what I could.
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These are kids books, "Can it really rain cats and dogs" by Spencer Christian & Antonia Felix and "Its raining cats and dogs: weather and why we have it" by Franklin Branley. My son is just starting to get earth science concepts, and we read these a few months back. Not very scientific, but I actually picked up a few things & we both enjoyed reading them.
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It's more that just rain, but I enjoyed Soul of the Sky: The Human Side of Weather.
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Not rain either, but related: The Cloudspotter's Guide is published by the Cloud Appreciation Society.
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I really enjoyed Timothy Egan's book about rain (in the Northwest specifically, but it works as a book about rain in general too), The Good Rain.
Or try David Laskin's Rains All the Time.
Both are very good, non-fiction accounts that will add to your cultural understanding of rain.
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Not a book, but you might enjoy listening to Joe Frank's 'Work in Progress' radio program titled "Rain" (wiki).
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