Drop down list with checkbox elements?
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Drop down list with checkbox elements?

I'm looking for something akin to http://c82.net/samples/checklist-samples.html (which uses a ul element and checkboxes inside li elements), but having the checkboxes embedded in a drop down meun (or some similar effect).

I've googled endlessly but have yet to find a select drop down (single, not multiple select) that allows for this functionality.

Is it possible?
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Response by poster: sorry, that example above was meant to be http://c82.net/samples/checklist-samples.html
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If you do it with a pop-up div, it shouldn't be very hard. You can't do it with an actual <select> element, though.
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I haven't seen anything exactly like what you describe. It would be possible, if you "rolled up" the contents of the list. Showing and hiding html elements is a pretty straightforward javascript trick (or even just plain CSS, depending).

The idea goes a little against the grain of standard interface widgets. Normal drop-down menus appear, let you make one selection, you release, and then the menu goes away and takes some action. You're suggesting disclosing a list, making a few selections, and then presumably clicking something else to fire off an action. Either that or you just want to show/hide a long options list.
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I've been using this CSS-based drop-down menu for a while now... perhaps you can figure out a hack?
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You could use script.aculo.us's Effect.BlindDown (and Effect.BlindUp) to do something similar. Just put the checkboxes in a hidden div and provide a button that shows/hides the div with BlindDown/Up.
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Sites I've seen with this functionality merely simulate the appearance of a dropdown list, which is really just a link to a DHTML visibility-toggled table that contains the list of checkboxes.

There is no way to accomplish this with a standard control, though; you'll have to roll your own (or buy/borrow someone else's). I was trying to dig up a site where I've seen this, but have been unsuccessful. It seems like the last time I remember seeing something like this was in Sharepoint.
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There is no way to accomplish this with a standard control, though

... and there's likely a good reason for that.

The *purpose* of GUIs is to let people learn a standardized set of UI widgets that work substantially the same way everywhere, and are sufficiently intuitable that you don't have to be taught how to use them.

Amatuers (no offense) who invent new widgets should be taken out behind the barn and shot are usually doing themselves and their users a disservice.
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