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Does anybody have a copy of the Red Sox/Indians game from Monday night on ESPN?

Pretty specific, I know, but my twin nieces (9 months old) were apparently featured on the broadcast and ESPN is refusing to send a tape. If anybody happened to tivo it (and save for posterity... good first game to go to at Fenway!), I'd love to get a copy. Thanks! (Brownie points if you also have the Sportscenter that followed, which I hear may have had the twins on the lead-in). Bartered reward.
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If a tape doesn't turn up, I believe you can buy the game at mlb.com. I think it's the same video feed.
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I have a friend who works for ESPN on their "Cold Pizza" show. I will see what he can do, although I am pretty sure if it is for sale at MLB.com, they won't give it away.

I would post a wanted message to some Boston message Board or Craig's list and see what comes up.
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You can download the game here for $3.95. I don't know if you'll get the ESPN broadcast, but you probably will (MLB.TV has a partnership with ESPN, and they have the Home Run Derby available, which was ESPN-only).
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Response by poster: Good idea, thanks -- I remember mlb.tv having really poor quality, but they say it's 350k now.
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