Looking for a word that means "musically-induced memory."
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Looking for a word that means "musically-induced memory."

For a friend: "I am interested in finding out the actual word, if there is one, that means/describes music-induced memory. Such as when you hear a certain song that you haven't heard in years, out of the blue, and suddenly you are transported back in time - remembering the scenery, smells, emotions, sunlight, everything - to some time that song was playing years before."

I have seen a reference on another ask.me page to "objective correlative" which pertains to emotions only (as per the definition) and not memory; I've seen "musical cue identification" and "auditory cue identification" which might be the end of this particular road.
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Music mnemonics.
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Classical conditioning (Pavlovian conditioning)

Or, as Scientology calls it "the reactive mind". You should be careful, the museum guide told me that happy memories associated with music can kill you.
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What your friend describes goes by a variety of terms, e.g., "emotional recall," "sense memory," and "memory trigger." Proust termed this phenomenon involuntary memory, and it was famously prompted by a cookie dunked in tea.
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Mozart Effect?
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There's a great short story sort of about this called "Pitch Memory," by Ethan Canin.
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Not exactly an answer, but an artistic application of this "music memory" is the Leitmotif, a musical theme in opera that recalls to the listener a previous moment in the drama.
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