Name that Tune?
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Does this song sound familiar: it was played on XM radio's uncensored hip-hop/rap station- it's essentially a narrative which repeats the phrase/theme "you don't know what it was like to. . ." (e.g., one line was "be a slave in the south"), and the chorus/hook basically repeats something to the effect of clap your hands/stomp your feet. I could have sworn the DJ said it was by "Southern Folks" and called "Crunkified," but after googling these phrases to no avail, I think those must have been more general descriptive terms. It has a very traditional sound/structure, almost gospel-sounding (and none of the more obvious super-slowed down "crunk" sound).
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I believe from your description that the song you're looking for is "Do You Know What It's Like?" by B-CIDE, track #13 on his album "The Self-Proclaimed King." I think the DJ was simply commenting on how the sound was vaguely similar to crunk and perhaps might have been confused as the album was released by a tiny label called EastSide Productions, which somewhat implies a connection to Lil Jon.

I know very little about crunk, as it's not my music of choice, but I listen to a lot of music and I'm fairly sure this is the track you're looking for. Please let me know if this was the song you heard.
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Sounds like krark has it. You can hear a sample here.
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Response by poster: That's actually not it, but it is amazing how much it fits the description of the song I did hear. The song I heard had very little in the way of "effects"-- it seemed to be all vocals and beats. Thanks to both of you for the suggestion and link, though.
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