Help my wrangle all my address books into one!
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Synching various address books?

I've got several address book systems on my computer and its a drag to go from one to the other to the other trying to find the most up to date and complete contact information. Is there a fairly straight forward way of synching them into one location?

I've got Palm, yahoo exports, Mac's internal address book and Thunderbird's address book in addition to several contact lists contained in Excel format.

I've tried doing it by hand and its an exercise in frustration. Any help in automating the process would be great.
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Supposedly Plaxo is supposed to do that...I downloaded it free and it seemed to work for gmail address book & the mac address book, but it also seemed a bit intrusive in that it emails all your info to other members in your address book without asking. Though there may be a better way to configure it, I haven't really taken the time to read through everything. There's probably other services like that too.

I also know you can import and export address lists from both mac address book and yahoo as CSV files and update things that way, though it's kind of a pain. You can also create these with excel.
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