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I want my Windows screensaver to display the artist and title of the song that Winamp is currently playing.

I'm in the process of putting together a stand-alone media player/music server and would like to have the current Winamp song information (from the IDv3 tag, if possible) displayed via screensaver.

I've searched for something OOTB but my Googlefu has failed me. Does such a screensaver exist? I know that Winamp offers an SDK so I could try to code one myself but I thought that I'd query the hive mind first.
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A quick google search turns up this and this (might be the same thing). Looking through the Winamp forums also gave me this.
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Response by poster: Thanks much, purephase. It's almost what I'm looking for except that I don't want the screensaver to control the playlist, rather I want the screensaver to merely display whatever's playing on Winamp. My main reason for this is that the music server will mostly be accessed with Remote Desktop which will turn off the screensaver (and therefore the music, if I understand the Winamp Screensaver information correctly). Also, the playlist is absolutely gigantic (well over 10,000 songs) and I would be afraid to load an index that large into a screensaver.
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If you use the Geiss Screen Saver or Plugin, you'll see a wonderfully-synchronized visualization, and it can be configured to display the current Winamp song information. I've used it for a while, and it doesn't suck up all of your horsepower when running.
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