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Finding Davidoffs in chicagoland

I've been trying to find Davidoff cigarette's (not cigars) in the chicagoland area as a gift to my brother, and cannot find them anywhere.

I'm looking for one (or both) of the following:
1) A tobacconist that would carry such a beast
2) A *reputable* online purveyor of fine tobacco products that carries such a thing. I've searched for online cigarette's but the sites I see seem on the skeezy side (i.e. take your credit card number and run, or ship counterfits).

Thanks in advance for any help. And please, no "tobacco kills" sentiments, I am more than well aware of the negative effects tobacco use has on health.
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Best answer: La Casa Del Tobacco's website says they carry the cigarettes. 1937 W. North Ave. It also happens to be the first result that comes up when googling for "Davidoff cigarettes Chicago".
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Have you called Iwan Ries? Even if they don't have them, I bet they can tell you who does.
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Best answer: Hey... I am a cigar smoker, but a buddy of mine has had good experience with this site:

Cigarettes For Less (link)

Here is a link to their Davidoff offerings...

Give them a shot, their prices are reasonable.
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Response by poster: Re: MeetMegan - that site certainly shows they carry Davidoff cigars, but I didn't see any indication that they carry their cigarettes, or any list of cigarette's they carry for that matter.
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Rich's Cigar Store and Magazines in Portland ships everywhere, and they are very reputable. They sell pipes and regular tobacco, too. You could call or email to see if they carry what you're looking for.
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Best answer: I thought the same thing after I posted, but I called the store and they say they do carry them.
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Response by poster: Wow, MeetMegan, that's above and beyond...thanks much!
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