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What's a good interface to (other than the standard one, of course)?

Any standalone or browser based app that helps to tag, sort, search, retag, rename tags, combine tags, find related links, users, etc?
I'm on WXP, FF1.5
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Not sure exactly what you're looking for. A standalone program that interfaces with your account? There are firefox extensions that let you mark/tag/etc with one click but you want more organizational features?

Perhaps direct.or?
Or tagalicious
Or delicer?
Or Firefox sidebar
Or tray
Or mischevous
Or cocoalicious? Alas, OSX only

...Or any of about a bagillion others?
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well, which ones are the "best" of the bunch?
i've been using Flock [it's a web browser based on mozilla] and it does a pretty good job interfacing with

Flock website
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This, methinks.
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For initial tagging, I haven't found anything better than the normal web interface. Stand-alone solutions tend to not even pick up the title from the URL, which means you have to type something in manually.
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Very much not the case with the Firefox extension I've posted, which not only grabs the title, it will take selected text and populate the description field with it. It even will make recommendations for you like the web interface does. And, if that doesn't beat all, it will give your computer arms and legs, and your machine will promptly go over and wash the dishes.
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