Does this thing have commonly accepted name?
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I want to buy something but I can't think what to call it to search for it!

It's usually used to cinch rucksack laces or shoelaces closed.

It's often barrel shaped and about 1.5 cm (a little more than half an inch) long, usu. made of plastic, and typically cylindrical, with a spring holding tension on an internal retaining plate and holes on either side of the curved wall. Sometimes the gadget isn't cylindrical and the holes are side-by-side.

You push on the ends with thumb & forefinger to press in a button that allow the laces to slide freely through the holes, and when you release the button, the retainer clamps the laces firmly.

I've tried "lace clamp," "barrel clamp," etc. and I'm getting nowhere. I've been to a sports superstore, a camping/hunting/fishing superstore, and a couple of big-box retailers -- all without success. I remember being in a camping store once where they had a huge fishbowl of these gadgets for 25 cents each.
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I think you're talking about cordlocks? $1 seems sorta steep, but there ya' go.
posted by JMOZ at 9:34 AM on August 2, 2006

try lace lock or shoelace lock!
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I've always called them toggles.
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Speed Laces?
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Cord Locks or Cord Stops
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Googling "lace lock" seemd to reveal a whole bunch of stuff, including this About page. Thx all.

Now, to find somebody that'll give me deal on a couple dozen of the blighters...
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Oh, and sarahnade, the sewing place had the best deal on the barrel type -- again, thx muchly!
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