Four Shades of Brown: Swedish movie on DVD?
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After seeing it at the Chicago International Film Festival a couple years ago, I've been -- to no avail -- waiting for / trying to track down a copy (dvd or otherwise) of the film Four Shades of Brown or in its language "Fyra nyanser av brunt". I guess I'm looking for anyone with some knowledge of Swedish/Sweden or "indie" film to help me finally find it.

Is a copy with English subtitles available through some official or not-so-official circuit? Will it be in the future? Can I obtain it while still having close to zero comprehension of the language?
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It's easily available as a region free PAL DVD with english subtitles in Sweden from most online stores, e.g, or However, most stores only ship to Sweden... at least ships to most european countries, if you manage to use the site in Swedish.

There might be a store that ships to the US, or you can ask someone in Europe to order it for you and send it to you.
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They sell the DVD for 99 SEK (that's 13.7812 USD) at my local video store. I can pick up a copy and send it to you. My email is in my profile.
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If you don't need a DVD
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