Buttons Shmuttons: Bed Sheet Question
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Why would a king sheet have buttons on the top and bottom parts of the mattress?

My wife and I just took possetion of our first king sized bed - it was second-hand from a person we trust, but the person left us all the bed linens (good) without letting us know how to put on the sheets (didn't realize at the time, but bad now).

I feel liks such a moron looking at these sheet sets and not knowing how to put them on - we found two sets of what look like really high quality sheets that have no elastic around the edges, and two sets of about 7 buttons at the top and bottom of the sheet - as if a person would run a rod through it or stuff it with something. After the buttons, though, there's nothing but stitching.

So, my question is either 1) How does a person make a king sized bed - and if that's not supposed to differ from the normal way, 2) What the hell might these things that look like sheets (and I can definately say are *not* curtains) be?

I'll post pics if asked to. Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like a duvet cover.
posted by foxinthesnow at 6:43 PM on August 1, 2006

After the buttons, though, there's nothing but stitching.

This argues against the duvet cover, if I'm understanding it correctly.
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Hmm. I guess I don't really understand that. The part about the stitching? What is stitched? Perhaps a photograph would make this more understandable?
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Sounds like a duvet cover to me. I have one just like that - it has buttons at the top and bottom but has stitching towards the corners and around the sides.

Photos might help.
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Nthing the suggestion that it's a duvet cover.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. Having never had a duvet to cover (been a regular old blanket guy my entire life), I was at a loss.

However, not anymore. We found the comforter after reading responses and it makes perfect sense now.

Thanks again.
posted by plaidrabbit at 8:19 PM on August 1, 2006

That was a great question, but I chuckled at the answer. Thanks hive mind...
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