last Mac powerbook to have an old style serial port
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What was the last Mac Apple Powerbook model to have an old style serial (modem / printer) port? (Which I assume was dropped in the next model in favor of USB).

I need to buy a used Apple Powerbook with a serial port and was wondering when it was dropped, which model was last to use it, etc. If anyone wants to recommend a good model Powerbook (with a serial port, but not necessarily the last to use it), that would be welcome too. Unfortunately, a serial port via a serial port USB adapter is not an option.
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It was one of the PowerBook G3s. Those made in 98 were the last to have a GeoPort.
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Response by poster: Was it the "PDQ" model? (Which I believe came before Wallstreet and Lombard, but after the first G3 Powerbook.)
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Everymac might be a helpful resource for this question.

It's definitely a pre-lombard model. Wall streets may have had them, but I'm not sure.
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Another great resource: Apple History. Every model with specs.
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My guess is Wallstreet. Since that's what I'm usin' and it's definitely not got no USB.

It's a nice little baby, if you can cope with the strange SCSI connection.
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The Lombard might have the same system, but I own a Wallstreet and it has one serial port but no USB. 233MHz G3. If you upgrade the memory and hard disk, it's a perfectly good computer for running OS 9, Office, etc. I've tried OS X a couple of times, and you can use it for particular applications but it's awfully slow.

One downside to the Wallstreet -- independent of the obvious processor / video stuff -- is the lack of USB and Firewire. I use a PCMCIA USB card for my Slink-e setup -- it's an inelegant solution, but basically effective.

Another downside is the fact the display is now almost six years old, and it's becoming dimmer and dimmer with age. Totally useable, but sort of irritating, at least compared to the craptacular Dell I use for work.
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Yeah, I think the Wallstreet was the last one with a serial port.

The Wallstreet was a great computer. I added USB and FireWire using the CardBus/PCMCIA slots. (Room for both cards at once.)

The really cool thing about this computer that it is rather easily taken apart; I managed to replace the hard drive on my own, and I'm no hardware genius. You could go further, Sonnet sells G3/500 and G4/500 processor cards for this model.

Also, maybe I lucked out, but I never had any issue with this PB that required repair. That remains true, as my brother continues to use this computer with only a few minor quirks to report (he managed to destroy the miniplug audio out). It will not however, support Panther (10.3) without using XPostFacto. 10.2 runs okay on it.
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My screen isn't dimming yet, but I have had to replace the battery, the power cord, the hard drive, and the hinges, and I've only had it for four and a half years.

However, I love it. Still.
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