Place to Stay at Tofino
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A good place to stay at Tofino, Vancouver Island?

Two friends and myself are visiting Tofino, Vancouver Island on the weekend. We are looking for a clean, comfortable place to stay for one night at a reasonable cost. Recommandations on things that we wouldn't want to miss are much appreciated too.
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Dude, the August long weekend is the busiest of the year. If you hadn't booked a month ago, you're gonna have a wee bit 'o trouble doing so now.
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Tofino is quite expensive in the summer months. Consider staying in Parksville or Port Alberni, there are lots of great b and b's in the area and Tofino is a reasonable drive for a good day trip. Long Beach is awesome, try surfing if you are so inclined.
There may not be many rooms available but try Alpine Springs Farm, Riverside Lodge, or Hummingbird Guesthouse. This is the expensive season here, and you can expect to pay upwards of 150 dollars per night. If money were no object, then it's Eagle Nook or the Wickaninnish Inn...Have a great trip, hope the weather holds up.
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Seriously, there's going to be nothing.

I'd suggest a tent on the beach. It's Tofino, for crying out loud!
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I just stayed at Tauca Lea. I wasn't blown away, but it was clean and nice.
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I was at the Tofino Motel in mid-June which was quite nice and very reasonably priced (about $90/night).

But everyone else is right. You're going to be out of luck barring a last minute cancellation.
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You can get a private room or a bed in a bunk room at the Whalers Point Hostel for reasonable rates but it fills up fast. It's one of the nicer hostels I've ever stayed in. I've also car camped at Green Point Campground in Pacific Rim National Park just south of Tofino. It's a really beautiful spot right next to beach but, again, it fills up fast.
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er, make that Whalers on the Point above.
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I don't know if I'd call Parksville or Port Alberni a "reasonable drive" from Tofino; that'd be a five or six hour round trip. Maybe you'd have better luck in Ucluelet.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all good suggestions. I actually tried calling around and some of them still had rooms left. So, never give up even at the last minute. =).. Wish you all enjoy your weekend too.
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