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What are some good books for beginners on finance? I prefer a book on a variety of finance subjects, anything from taxes, to real estate, to the stock market. (several books dealing with specific subjects work just as well). While I want a book on the basics, it doesnt need to be written for children or the average teen.
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A Random Walk Down Wall Street is a good read and is meant to be a classic.
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This thread mentions most of the major finance textbooks. Perhaps they is more advanced than you're looking for, but some of the introductory corporate finance books may be good.
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I'm reading A Random Walk right now, and I can recommend it. Very readable, but from what I've read to this point, focused primarily on securities investment. Not much on taxes or real estate.
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Here is what you're looking for: The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need, by Andrew Tobias.

It's packed with ideas about stocks, living beneath your means, tax planning, retirement, and just about everything else in the financial world. And all of it is presented with Tobias's trademark brevity and ingenuity.
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Another thread on some basic book suggestions, and a thread on learning about investments.

I've heard Your Money or Your Life is a great book on personal finances, but I haven't checked it out myself yet. Also, Mefi user jdroth has a blog, Get Rich Slowly, and I'll bet he'll be along soon enough with some other suggestions.
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The Motley Fool people have put out a couple books on personal finance that are pretty good. Start with this one. Bonus points if you get it from the library instead of buying it!
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The Wealthy Barber
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Seconding Fuzzy Monster's recommendation for Andrew Tobias's The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need. I came across it back in high school, and it's been invaluable.
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How did I miss this thread? I don't have time to answer right now, JokingClown, but your question dovetails nicely with one of my own. If you visit my personal finance site tomorrow or Thursday, I'll post some of picks and ask my readers for some of their favorites.
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