Dates in Middlebury, VT?
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Fun activities for a couple in or near Middlebury, VT?

Ideally looking for things that can be done on a weekday afternoon/evening.
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Best answer: Texas Falls State Park is a nice hike near there.

Snake Mountain is a nice hike in Addison Vermont.

There is a bird sanctuary near Snake Mountain.

That's all I've got!
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Best answer: There is an amazing but totally unappreciated walking trail just off of Route 125 in Ripton Vermont called the Robert Frost Trail. It's a nice mile long walk through fields and woods. At various parts of the walk there are posts and placards that have some of Robert Frost's poetry on them, apropos in each case.
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Ben and Jerry's factory tour? Colbyville, VT is about 30 minutes down 89 from Burlington.
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Scratch that. I somehow read Middlebury as Burlington. If an hour isn't too far to drive, still a good option. Stop in Burlington on your way for lunch, but save room for ice cream!
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Response by poster: All good suggestions! Thanks! (Factory tour, too, but we've already done it :)
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Christopher's on the Green (restaurant) in Vergennes is quite nice.

Button Bay state park has some nice wandering trails.

Fort Ticonderoga across the lake is pretty interesting.
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My boyfriend suggested Otter Creek Brewery.
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