Nice sports coat. Where'd you get it?
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Men's Fashion Filter: Where can I buy a sports coat like this (Washington, DC area would be nice)?

Ignore Stanley Tucci. I'm just interested in the coat. ;-)

This is very reminiscent of 1940s material. What is this type of tweed-type pattern called? I've actually been trying to describe it for years. Is this donegal wool?
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The "pattern" almost reminds me of untreated denim. Closest I could come to was checked tweed but that's obviously not right. If you know of a bespoke tailor, I'm sure they'd have no problems identifying the fabric and pattern from a picture.
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Looks like flecked wool to me. This is (potentially) confirmed by this article (search for "Tucci").

As for where to buy such a suit, much less in the DC area, I have no idea. Google searches turn up a few flecked wool items for sale on eBay, but none that look like that.
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i posted a comment here about 5 mins ago, and now it's gone. so if this is a double, pardon me. What i wrote was:

go see Devil Wears Prada (not a recommendation, just a suggestion if you are desperate for the jacket). Wait for the credits and look to see which designers supplied what to Tucci (Tucci's dresser). I know that patricia field did the costume design, but there is no way that tucci's jacket from the pic would be found at her store (btw, does she still have a store in the village?). Maybe if no one pops into this thread to give a more direct answer, you could try to contact Patricia Fields' people for leads?
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Best answer: A coworker of mine's husband is William Field Jr. of Field English Custom Tailors at 1742 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. The phone number is 202-333-2222. Will's father, who started the buisness, recently passed away but Will is very experienced and has been running it himself for a while now. I can't tell you what kinda fabric that is but if you need a good suit made from it or if you just want to ask someone who has a lot of experience then maybe you should call them up.
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Think cerebus19 got it with flecked wool. These flecked wool hats (1 2) and this raw flecked wool fabric look very much like the material in Tucci's suit.
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Response by poster: Thanks Emma for the lead. Will give him a call.
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