How do I get started in tutoring?
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I'm thinking about trying to get into tutoring, particularly English tutoring. I've worked with ESL students via the internet before, but that has been on a mutual basis: I've helped them improve their English while they helped me improve my German. What steps would I need to take to get started in my area? Do I need any particular qualifications? Should I go to the schools, or perhaps to the University in town? How does one get started in tutoring as a part-time job?
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Best answer: If your university has a large international population, you may be able to drum up some business, but I'd advise you to get your TEFL certification. You'd do a lot better when advertising with that. Plus most universities have pretty strict TOEFL requirements for students, so there isn't a huge ESL need anyway. I've seen ads that say "English M.A. or PhD" on them as well, if the person advertising doesn't have a TEFL certificate.

Also, you'll need material... and that may be tough to find.

So, I'd say, if you're looking to make money, get your TEFL certification, but if you're just looking to help people, volunteer at your local refugee resettlement office.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info k8t. Now that you mention it, the university doesn't have a very large international population, so I doubt I'd be able to get much business there. Furthermore, I certainly don't have a PhD or M.A. in English. :) I'll check with the university and see if I can volunteer anywhere.
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If you don't mind tutoring high schoolers instead, accepts those with Bachelor's degrees to tutor online. IIRC, they pay $5/hour just to log in and sit there idle, and $10/hour while you're with a student, and you get raises over time.
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Try contacting the department in your area that's involved in educating immigrants. You could teach them for a while before moving a salary paying area.
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