How do I make this sort of diagram?
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I need help charting information in a way that's intuitive.

If you know Civilization, this diagram is familiar to you. (Even if you don't, it's probably self-explanatory -- it shows the progresson of civilization advances within the game and how they depend on each other.)

I want to do something similar for a math curriculum I'm designing. My questions:

1) What is this kind of diagram called?
2) What is the best method for creating one? I'm on a Mac, and I know FileMaker. I'll probably create some behind-the-scenes accounting for the final system in FileMaker, but I'd like something that I can use intuitively to arrange the sequence in a graphic format and (ideally) export it into an outline or database.

If pen-and-paper or some other hands-on system works best in your experience, I'm receptive to that outcome as well. Thoughts on the thought process also appreciated.
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Broadly speaking, that's a directed graph (then again, if you're teaching math, you should know that). And yes, Omnigraffle is probably the tool of choice.
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(on follow-up): I am amazed to learn that snark has a particular meaning in graph theory.
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Third vote here for OmniGraffle. I have to do that sort of thing a lot, and there's nothing better.
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The Visual Display Of Quantitative Information by Tufte.
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Anything comparable for Windows?
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I would have called it a "dependency chart".

When I need to create graphs like that on the PC, I use Visio. But Visio doesn't run on MacOS.
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OmniGraffle is a lot like Visio, Steven.
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crack-on Windows, along with the aforementioned Visio (a program which is not originally Microsoft's; they bought it), there's also SmartDraw.
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Also, this is unrelated but I think it's really cool: an AJAX timeline toy, and a Mac OS X app for making gorgeous timelines, appropriately named "Timeline".
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The Timeline app can import outlines from OmniOutliner, as can, of course, Omni's OmniGraffle application. So if you already have an outline and you want to turn it into a timeline or an OmniGraffle...graffle, both apps make it super easy.
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That AJAX timeline is awesome, evariste!
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The snark thing is pretty cool too, adamrice.
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Have you tried MindManager?
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