Does Baton Rouge, LA have a steamship rail head stop?
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Does Baton Rouge, LA have a steamship rail head stop?

Tried Google, couldn't find anything concrete. Anyone have any idea? Or any idea how I could find out?
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I could find out for you. If you could tell me what a "steamship rail head stop" is. Not being snarky, I just have no idea. But, I'm in the area and I have plenty of contacts I can ask. I just need a starting place.
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Response by poster: A railhead is where a train unloads cargo. Basically where containers are offloaded from trains.

Kind of like a seaport for ships, where the containers are unloaded from ships.

I guess its not necessarily a "steamship" railhead. From what I understood, the seaport companies generally own/run the places where trains are also offloaded.

Thanks, ColdChef. Hope that helps.
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I'm not sure quite what you're looking for, but this might help (it's a general list of intermodal transportation facilities in LA). Or you could just phone someone here and ask them.
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Sorry. I exhausted all my sources today and the closest answer I got was from a friend who works at the Exxon refinery downtown who said, "Probably."

Best I could do.
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