How to impress in a quasi-interview?
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College Student working for large corporation the past two summers in a field unrelated to my degree. My boss set me up an appointment with an area I am very interested in. How can I secure a internship with that department next year?

Like I said I have been working for a large corporation the last two summers just for a paycheck in an area I am not interested in. However, I have been a very hardworker and am confident that my boss and co-workers feel the same way. My boss has arranged for me to meet with two managers in an area that I would be interested in working in and relates to my degree. This company has a summer student program every year, but this department typically does't have summer students. Help me to convince them to let me work for them next summer.

P.S. My boss commented that one manager mentioned that at 46 he was the youngest one in this mentioned division. So I am hoping that they see they might need some youth in the near future.
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Do some homework.

Find out some of the challenges and needs each of the departments are going through. It seems like your manager is a good resource to pick for this information.

Then when meeting with the other managers, explain you understand some of what they're going through, and how you'd like to help.

Be clear in explaining and upfront you have been instrumental in your last position but it's not an area you're passionate about at this time.
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