Doing/Eating/Seeing something in BarbaDOS
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Going to Barbados this week for a friend's wedding. What must I see/eat/do?
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Crop Over! concludes this week with the Grand Kadooment -- mr. junkbox danced in one of the street parades a few years ago and had a blast.
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You can snorkel a reef right of the shore. It's best to have your own equipment and just jump in. If I remember correctly it's on the west shore, north of the fancy hotels, and it's called an underwater trail/park/something.
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Go to Cranes Beach! And there is a really cool old Church overlooking the sea on the opposite side of the island from Cranes Beach.
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My aunt lives in Barbados, and it's a pretty nifty place.

I second the recommendation for the Crane Hotel at least for lunch or a drink. The beach is pretty spectacular.

Harrison Caves are kind of in the middle of the island, but I remember it as being wickedly cool. You take a cool tram thing down and it's generally cool.

The eastern part of the island, specifically around Bathsheba, is much less developed. They have surfing competitions in Bathsheba and the waves are much larger (err, obviously) and there are some nice rock formations. There's also a large, possibly botanical, garden over there somewhere.
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