Recommendation wanted for a good sports massage therapist or reflexologist in London
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Can anyone recommend a good sports massage therapist or reflexologist in London? Also, what therapy have you found is best for treating tension headaches?

I've tried quite a few sports massage therapists and reflexologists and none of them were much good (compared to one's that I've tried elsewhere).

I live in east London in zone 1 so anyone in that area would be ideal, but anywhere in zone 1 or near a tube station in east london would be ok.

Also, if anyone can recommend any other therapies that are good for treating tension headaches that would be great.
I tried acupuncture and osteopathy for a couple of months (separately) and neither of these helped much.

I get headaches at least once a week, and it seems to be linked to tension in my shoulders or neck. If I massage my frontal sinuses (which are very tender) it provides some temporary relief, so I wonder whether there is any treatment that focuses on that?

Although sports massage and reflexology are good temporary solutions, I'm hoping I can find a longer term solution. I had two Feldenkreis lessons last year, and it seemed like it could be useful - has anyone had any luck with using Feldenkreis to treating tension headaches?

Thanks for your help!
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Some physios from Complete Health in Islington helped out my team with some deep tissue massage and reflexology before a big competition in April. They were professional and seemed to know what they were doing. Shelley Brown was in charge and she's great; you may want to try her.
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For the sinuses, you could try lymphatic drainage massage. My wife thought it was very good and she had a lot of sinus related problems at the time. Haven't lived in London for 5 years though, so no recommendations for therapists I'm afraid.
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Have you considered Alexander technique? I believe it may be similar to Feldenkreis. If the latter only works part-way, you may want to try Alexander. It made my neck and shoulders feel wonderful on occasion (I need more lessons, though, I think).

I've also heard, tried, and liked the technique of putting a tight headband around the head. I made my own headband out of several layers of cotton knit fabric. A tight hat or something might work, too.

I also managed to teach myself, years ago, to relax my shoulders and neck. Of course they tense up again immediately, so I need some minutes of focused time, laying on my back with a pillow or neck roll under my neck, to have any effect. Cool cloth on my closed eyes helps too.

I've also become quite fond of my buckwheat hull pillow. I can bunch it up under just the right spot at the base of my neck.
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I'd second the Alexander Technique. It did wonders for the headaches I used to get after work, which were related to neck and shoulder tension. It has taught me to hold my body in a very different way. I would strongly recommend it.

My teacher is here, but she's in Hammersmith (although read about her own example, she came to the Technique through suffering her own back and RSI problems) - you could try the Society of Alexander Technique Teachers, which is the professional body, to find someone near you.

Disclaimer: I don't get any referral fees for her, I've just found her very helpful. :-)
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your tips! Will definitely try out some of those things...
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