Brain Age equivalent for Windows/Mac?
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Are there any games or programs similar to Brain Age for Windows or OS X-based systems? I love the concept, but I can't see myself buying a Nintendo DS to play a single title.
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I think that part of the uniqueness with Brain Age is the level of interaction that's afforded to you by the touch screen itself on the DS, the actual handwriting element, and that sort of thing. I know the Academy (sequel) version requires you to draw things from memory and that sort of thing, so unless it's available on a tablet, it wouldn't come close to replicating the experience.

That said, I'd like to see if anything other than a simple sudoku/crossword is out there, but remember that Brain Age has truly become a killer app for the DS, which is exactly what Nintendo has wanted all along. See also: Nintendogs.

On the plus side, there are some absolutely brilliant games coming out for the DS that won't break your bank—it's not a PSP for $250 or whatever, and the level of interaction is definitely unique to it.
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Old-style 'chunky' DSes are relatively cheap now that everyone wants the smaller one -- check eBay. And if you like Brain Age, the chances are you'll find lots of other DS games to like too.
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The answer to your question is most likely "no": as disillusioned implies, the handwriting and speech elements are crucial to the gameplay.
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Big Brain Academy. There's also a few sudoku games, which vary in quality, and Tetris DS, which is generally "puzzle-y", and has a decent set of pregenerated puzzles.
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Is that a Windows or OS X game, boo?
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Big Brain Academy is a DS game.. Hence the linkage.
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I'm sorry -- I was silently agreeing with "you oughta buy a DS". They're $80-90 used, and if you travel -- at all -- you will get your money's worth. I've been on three cross country trips in the past few months, and the DS has been a great way to kill time in airports. Not just because it passes time, either: I've had people come up and ask me what I'm playing, pull out their DSes, and we start going head-to-head. Add in the upcoming DS browser from Opera, and you've got a $90 web terminal.
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I picked up a DS lite for a trip and I have been playing it more than the XBox 360. Being at the top end of my 20s, the throw back to Super Mario Brothers was almost worth the price of admission by itself. Bite the bullet, and drop the $129. You'll enjoy it.
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