VAIO shutdown - startup issues
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Sony VAIO SZ shutdown - startup issues.

My friend has a nearly new Sony VAIO SZ13C bought in Shenzhen, China. He recently aquired a portable hard drive for it. Since then his computer locks up on shutdown unless the portable USB HDD is plugged in. There is also a start-up issue where every few boots the internal HDD light doesn't flicker on bootup and the scrolling blue pegs move very slowly on the startup screen.

It will shutdown correctly in safemode.

The only hardware issue we can see in device manager is an IEEE 1394 controller is disabled on startup.

It also restarts OK with that controller turned back on, Rising Anti-Virus auto-protect turned off.

Mandatory: HELP! line.
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If you've got antivirus software that's stuffing things up, and things work when it's turned off, try uninstalling it and using AVG 7.1 Free Antivirus instead.

I must have shilled for this organization a hundred times already this year, but I swear I'm getting no kickback from them; I'm just a satisfied user.
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