Dental tourism in India?
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Dental tourism in India - anyone have any good experiences? I need several crowns done as well as maybe some implants. How do I find a respectable dentist, what are waiting lists like and what are the approximate costs? Are they fully equipped and painless?

If you have positive experiences in other Asian countries, would also be interested in hearing from you. Thanks.
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I prefer the dentist I went to in Chiang Mai, Thailand to any dentist I've gone to in the states. My dentist got her degree in Massachusetts, her office has top of the line equipment, and everyone's very friendly.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I had heard about Thailand in a previous thread. Any idea what crowns, root canals or implants cost at Grace Dental?
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I never got those at Grace, but you can email them at and ask their rates. I'm pretty sure they're going to be cheaper there than at a place in the states.
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I usually get my sister (who is a dentist in Goa) to do my teeth when I'm on vacation there.
There are a lot of dentists who have setup shop near the beaches popular with tourists (mainly Anjuna and Calangute).

Goa is a popular European destination (both for tourism and dental tourism). Let me know if you want more pointers.
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