Bypassing Kodak Easyshare Software
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How can I bypass using Kodak Easyshare software to upload photos from my Kodak camera?

I just bought a Kodak digital camera. I want to upload my photos WITHOUT having to use the Easyshare software. I preferably would like to use the Windows picture uploader, but I will use anything that is simple and fast. The problem is, my camera doesn't show up in My Computer like my other cameras do when I plug it in. Any suggestions?
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Model of the camera?
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Couldn't you just use a memory card reader instead?
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I use Picasa. Just click Import and then select your camera. If it doesn't show up as a camera, it may be listed as a removable disk (mine sometimes does). Very quick and easy. (I have a Kodak Easyshare DX7630)
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My son's Kodak Easy Share just plugged in as a USB drive and we could copy the pictures over. Memory card readers are the universal solution to difficult camera/computer interactions.
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Assuming that the camera uses a card, such as a Compact Flash card or Secure Digital card, andendau's suggestion is easiest. The card shows up as a drive that you can access like any other drive. Here's a card reader that can read six differenttypes of cards and costs $15 US.
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You're correct: you don't want to use Kodak's software. My last helpdesk gig was for a 150 or so seat insurance agency chain. The hands down winner for machines that had impossible to diagnose problems was that they were the ones with the Kodak software installed for that branch's camera.

You don't get the camera in My Computer? Has it ever "installed it's driver" on a first connection?
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Have you tried uninstalling the Kodak software? You shouldn't need any of it; Windows recognizes my Kodak camera perfectly fine on its own. Not sure how cleanly it uninstalls, though.
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Whoops, pardon my reading comprehension. I assumed you had already installed EasyShare because it seems to prevent the standard Windows picture thingy from working. (It does so on my parents' computer, at least.)

If you don't have it installed, but Windows still doesn't see the camera, you might want to make sure your Windows is up-to-date. Also, check the Device Manager to see if Windows even knows it's plugged in at all (as opposed to knowing it's there, but not knowing what it is)--hit Windows+Pause to bring up the System Properties window, then hit Device Manager on the Hardware tab.
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sorry, i ran into a dead end. i have a similar camera. i went to and searched for the camera driver. mine was the kodak c300. when you begin the install, choose the custome install and you can decide which software you want installed. select only the camera connection software. unfortuanately i share this camera with someone who ikes the software, so i cant go any further or risk being brained. but please let me know what happened.

thanks, i hope i helped. that software is annoying.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. The camera is a Kodak V550 Zoom. I'm used to my cameras showing up as removable disks in My Computer but I'll probably just get a memory card reader.
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