Techno dance clubs in London
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Please advise me on cool techno dance clubs in London. My hubby and I will be there from this friday to next saturday. I love techno, and want to experience a wide variety of dance clubs (trendy, unique, old school, hard core just dancing, etc.) Please include how you typify the club (trendy, old school, etc.) when you list them, as well as what nights are best there. We are especially interested in any near the Waterloo station (that's where we will be staying.) Thanks!

I know this has sort-of been asked before, but not as specific as this question. So please help us dance our nights away during this trip!

On an aside....what is "club wear" for women & men in London these days? The last time I was there was 1993 so I'd imagine things have changed. ;)
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Try Time Out's club list - you can search by area. I don't know of a club near Waterloo. I think you'll end up on the north side of the Thames.
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The most famous club near to Waterloo (it's more Elephant & Castle really) is The Ministry of Sound - it's probably 15 mins or so walk from Waterloo station.

They have a radio station too - I don't know how to link to it, it's on their menu bar though, so you can hear if you're likely to be interested.
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Go to Mixmag. All the listings you could possibly desire, unless when you say 'techno' you mean 'shite top 40 dance remixes'. In that case, follow the Sharons and Tracies.
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Lost is supposed to be great, all about the music and no dress codes or "scene". Very different to Ministry of Sound, which I am told is more clubby.

This link to a calendar of events in August might help too.
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You might well enjoy Fabric on a Saturday.
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Bangface is on on the 11th of August, and seems to cover most of what you are after. I've not been but have wanted to for a while, hope you enjoy it.
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Fabric and also Cargo are good ideas.
Also check Flavorpill, lots of dance listings.
It depends what you mean by techno, but some of the nights at 93 feet east might appeal to you.
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Yeah, just pick up a copy of mixmag (correct link) when you get there. It has all the listing of clubs and what kind of music they play. Really London is just so huge and the club scene in the UK is so unlike the US that it might take you a while to learn to navigate. Have fun though. And if you get a chance go to a festival, that's where the real fun is.

To figure out what kind of music you want to dance to, go to this page and browse by genre. Hardly anyone uses the word techo anymore to describe current electronic/dance music. You might be intersted in electro.
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thanks everyone!! My poor husband is going to be dancing all night long...makes up for the golf in scotland the week after. :)
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Seconding Fabric. Great multi-level club with different sounds (techno, house, and other variations) in each area all provided by big name DJs. Tons of fun.
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