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Can someone suggest a Buddhist Dharma group in NYC, preferably scripture/class orientated, rather than meditation orientated?


I am look for a Buddhist Dharma group in NYC. I've searched the internet, but I know a lot of groups don't have websites and I'd rather have a recommendation.

I am primarily interested in Tibetan Buddhism; any branch is fine, but I tend to lean towards the Kagyu/Nyingma traditions. I would seriously consider any other group, but I'm not that interested in Pure Land or Nichiren.

Ideally, I am looking for a group that is friendly and meets regularly. I'd prefer it to be somewhat academic and structured in nature. For example, I'd rather not just have a different dharma talk every sunday on a different topic. I'd like a group that has a course of study. Meditation is fine, but I am looking for more of a social group that likes learning about dharma in a structured way -- in other words, a nice sangha. I'd also like a qualified teacher, e.g. a geshe.

Although the above is good, I would really be open to pretty much any and all recommendations, especially if the group is nice and open to new members.

Thanks to all.

Note: I've investigated ACI classes, but due to the contraversy surrounding the organization, I'd prefer not to associate with the it. Same goes for NKT. No direspect to any members.
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Response by poster: My email is in my profile if you want more info or to contact me directly.
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You might generate answers by also posting your question on 43Places's New York City page.
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The Shambhala Center in New York might be what you are looking for.

Note: I'm not endorsing their Buddhism classes, because I know very little about them, but I remembered them from when I was searching for yoga classes in the city.
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