Can you help me train for a marathon?
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Is there anything like the AIDS Marathon training starting in Washington DC after Sept. 11?

I have been planning for months to do the AIDS Marathon Training ( starting Sept. 9 in DC. I have even quit smoking to do it, because I want to get into shape and do something productive.

However, I have just learnt that I will miss the first day of training (9/9) because of a family event. I am seeing if I can start on Day 2, but if I cannot, does anyone know about other marathon trainings going on in the DC area that start in the fall or classes/workshops that start in the fall?

I really want to do this!
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Please clarify your question...are you looking for a training plan, a group to join, or both?
posted by NYCinephile at 2:22 AM on July 30, 2006

Maybe the Marine Corps Marathon?
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