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I've got a few questions regarding playing audio & video on a Macbook Pro using its remote.

1. If my iPod is mounted, is there any way I can browse it using the remote interface? I'd love to be able to scroll through my iPod music instead of what's on my hard drive - I haven't had a chance to put much music on my MBP since I got it.

2. Is there a way to watch videos with the remote and have them open in VLC instead of QT?

It's not a huge deal if the answer to both questions is 'no', but I'm wondering if there's a way to get around it. Thanks in advance!
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I just did a quick test on a MacBook (not Pro):

1) Not that I can see.

2) I'm not sure. I set .mov file to open in VLC, but as the video plays fullscreen I'm not sure what is playing the video (though I think it was Quicktime).
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Here's a link to a remote utility called iRed Lite, which is both scriptable and freeware.* Found it on this Apple Forums page, which suggests that VLC play is an option.
*NB: I haven't used it and it's a beta, but is highly rated on versiontracker.

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