Any world maps in Arabic?
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Where can one easily purchase large world maps in Arabic? I've Googled this and can only find localized maps and even then, I don't think I can easily purchase one here in the US. I already called MapLink, but they don't have any.
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You might have some luck if you can search the web in French. France has quite a few ties to the middle east, and northern africa in particular, and so it might be a good source for those types of things.

Example, also.
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Dearborn, MI. How far north are you?
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Response by poster: Actually, I live in North Carolina. Though, I did grow up in the hilly forests between Traverse City and Petoskey.
Is there a specific place in Dearborn that you are thinking of? I know that the town has a very large M.E. community. I have plenty of friends that live in suburban Day-twah, so let me know of a place to send them to.
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Response by poster: You can also scratch Omni Resources and American Education Products from your list of sites to check.
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