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Is anyone using the following to place advertisements on their own web site: Accipter AdMarket, BurstMedia, LinkShare, Clicksor, Banner Boxes, Bidvertiser?

Or any other such plan that lets you select the types of ads displayed. I'm looking for ways to decide which of these to try. Testimonials or further suggestions, please.
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I'm using Adsense, which you didn't list, perhaps because you can't "choose" the ads that are displayed. However, they are content relevant, and it's probably the most popular ad program out there.

Just in case you haven't heard of it, though, it's run by google and can be looked at right here...
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Also, Yahoo! Publisher Network / Yahoo! Search Marketing.
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Google's Site Targeting
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I'm using Adsense and Linkshare. I'd recommend both. Adsense reads your page content and serves up context-specific ads. Linkshare lets you pick vendors, and you become an "affilliate," earning a percentage of any sale made after clicking on your links. Both programs have big names advertising (Linkshare actually has Apple as a company you can affilliate yourself with!), so they're both pretty reputable.
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fvox13: How are you doing with Linkshare? Do you have Linkshare ads on all your pages or just some of them? My e-mail is in my profile if you care to share some numbers. Thanks!
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