Help settle an argument about "Virtual Insanity."
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Music Video Filter: Help settle an argument about "Virtual Insanity."

In the music video for Jamiroquai "Virtual Insanity" it seems like the walls, floor, and the couch are moving. Is it the walls or the floor that move?

The video can be found here
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The entire room is being pushed around around him. The floor is stationary.

I remember seeing this addressed on TV, but can't back that up with a source.
posted by utsutsu at 2:03 PM on July 28, 2006

Wikipedia says the room is moving.
posted by jplank at 2:04 PM on July 28, 2006

Utsutsu's right. It would be much harder to make a free-range conveyor belt type thing, such that would produce that effect, than it is to just make the rest of the room mobile.
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Also consider that if the floor moved, the guy in the video would be thrown off-balance momentarily when it changed directions (unless he was really good)
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I saw a "making of" video - the walls move, the floor is stationary.
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The thing that throws the viewer off is the fact that the camera is attached to the structure that is the walls/ceiling. So it appears that the camera and the walls are both stationary but there are a few moments in the video when you can see some jiggling of the camera.
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Best answer: The director discusses the technique here.
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Odd, I saw him perform this on stage and he was clearly walking along a moving treadmill. I suppose the video was done differently.
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That video remains one of my all-time favorites because of the (nearly) seamless motion of it all (and the big hat).
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When live, they used a moving treadmill floor to give the dance moves a similar effect to the video. I think the album is even called "travelling without moving."
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They needed to digitally remove the footprints of the people pushing the walls of the room around after it was shot. Otherwise it would have been obvious that the floor was stationary.
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Yes, I went to see Jamiroquai during this tour. There was a moving treadmill onstage, but all these years it'd never occurred to me that the video was shot differently, and without using lots of CG. Thanks for asking.
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There's a part in the video where the camera shakes just a teeny bit, because it's mounted to moving walls, and something went bump. Look really closely.
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