Tips on creating a viable business-to-business blog
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Do you know any really good business-to-business blogs?

I mentioned to my employer that a blog might be an interesting way to generate interest/attendance at an upcoming multi-city event targeting advisors. (The employer is hosting the event, they want to attract advisors to attend, and to promote themselves as experts in the conference topic).

My employer said "Neat" and now I'm putting together a proposal. The problem is, I can find quite a lot of information about corporate blogs meant for the public, and internal blogs meant for employees. Not so much about corporate blogs that have a business audience. I'm starting to think that this idea won't work (and if so, I'll tell my employer that). But if you know of any busines-to-business blogs that you think work well (or info about them), please point me in the right direction!
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Personally, I like Hugh MacLeod's gapingvoid, but it is admittedly "in your face," without apology. But he has spawned some notably successful business blogging ventures. I also like David St. Lawrence's Ripples, which is both a personal and business-to-business blog (one of David's points being that individual voice is the hallmark of worthwhile business activity). Ephraim Cohen's B2B Insight blog sometimes has interesting posts, and it's clearly one guy's viewpoint.

These are 4 very different examples of long term business bloggers, each of whom is speaking, in some way, to other business executives or business owners. Narrowing your focus, while extending your time horizon a lot more seems the best thing to do, as an event centered blog wouldn't seem worth people's time in making much of a connection.
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Response by poster: Thanks paulsc. I picked up a few pointers to mention to my boss (and many ideas about why this particular idea isn't going to work--not for the company I'm dealing with).
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