Vegas during World Series of Poker
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So, I'll be in the U.S. next week, and I'll have a free weekend, during which I'm probably heading to Las Vegas, so I'd like to: 1) See the WSOP Main Event, from the rails if possible. Is it possible? Must I get tickets or something? 2) Play some cheap (up to $75) tournaments, Texas Hold'em or Omaha Hi/Lo split. 3) Check out the nightlife, specially bars where I can have a couple of drinks and see some nice girls (hey, poker is not everything!) Any recommendations? I'm specially concerned about hotel prices, and not being allowed to the Main Event as an spectator.
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- Stay at the Flamingo. It's cheap, and close to the strip, airport and monorail, and they have decent daily tournaments with relatively low buy-ins; but avoid their buffet as well as the horrible Irish themed casino next door, unless you really need to buy cheap food at Burger King or Subway.

- See Penn & Teller's show at the gets better every time I go.

- Avoid the vaunted buffet at the Rio; it sucks (although I hear they have a separate seafood buffet that might be better).

- Go to brunch at the Bellagio in town. $$$, but SO work it. Tenderloin of beef that cuts with a fork. Yum. I heard that the buffet at the Wynn was great too, but didn't get a chance to go.

- Do NOT take escort flyers from scary people on the street, unless you want hepatitis c or at the very least, the flu; it goes without saying that the actual escorts are possibly scarier (this is anecdotal information from a reliable source, not from personal experience).

- Put your wallet in your front pocket; and do NOT pull out money except at a cashier's cage or in private, and be careful using ATMs.

- Go to the Price Is Right’s (unintentionally) hilarious.

- Have fun!
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Correction: $$$, but SO worth it
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I went last year, and there is no charge for being a spectator at the WSOP. Make sure to stop by the WSOP convention too. And be careful arriving and leaving the WSOP late at night. There have been several reports of players and spectators being mugged in the parking lots.

Cheap tournaments are all about on the Strip. Check out the daily tournaments at the Luxor, Aladdin (although that might be Planet Hollywood by now) and the Flamingo. Check All Vegas Poker for information on lots of poker rooms in Vegas. They have a new tournaments page, too.

Good luck!
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go to tao or pure for clubs, smoking hot chicas, or if you mean "girls" find your way to "the duece", crazy horse II (nice and dark, which is what you want in a place like that). best meal under $20, is at burger bar in mandalay bay. best restaurant in vegas is actually rosemary's 20 minutes off the strip; last time i ate there phil helmuth walked in for a meal. not sure what your budget is, but if you can stay at theHotel@Mandalay Bay, a newer hotel tower they put up that is connected to MB but doesnt feel like a vegas hotel. also MB has one of the best pool\man-made beach. if youre like me and still kicking it around clubs at 4 am head over to Drai's, under the casino in the Barbary Coast.
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For drinks, I love the Casino Royale somewhere on the strip. I met a bunch of really cool people and enjoyed $1 Michelobs (bottled) until well after the sun came up.

It's one of those dumpy casinos on the strip that somehow manage to survive, btw.
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The Treasure Island is my new favorite inexpensive place to stay. It's been updated in the last five or six years and the rooms are quite nice for right around $100 per night. It's right next door to the Mirage, across from the Venetian and the Wynn.

Bars? depends on your definition of "nice girls". I went to Ghostbar two weeks ago and there was everything from coed cutie to scary ass skankoid with everything in between.

I also liked Jet at the Mirage.

Not a fan of Tangerine, but that's possibly more to do with my companion not wanting to stay for the burlesque show. *shrug*

Can't help you on the WSOP stuff, but I'll just pipe up and say that I wear baggy shorts walking around Vegas in the day and never have a problem being concerned about my money. In the evening I wear slacks or jeans and again.. not concerned. Be smart, but don't be a freak. Fear mongers make me cranky.
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There's a Motel 6 right off the strip that a) is the largest Motel 6 you'll ever see, and b) has grown around and enclosed an even CHEAPER motel! It's on one end, so it's somewhat of a walk to any casino other than the MGM Grand or Wynn, but you'll need to walk off all that food, liquor, and losing.
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