Looking for lenses in all the wrong places.
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Looking for 35mm lens rental in Stockholm, Sweden.

A friend of mine lives and works in Stockholm as an EU resident. Next week, his work is sending him out to Qatar and he's looking to rent a nice wide angle lens for his Canon EF mount DSLR (EOS 350D/Rebel XT). I've tried to help him by looking around the web, but my Swedish is non-existant. He's looking to rent it for about a week.
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Many physical camera stores rent lenses and if they don't they can tell you who does.

Having said that rental fees are fairly steep in long term. He might be better off buying a used lense and then reselling when he is done. Canon and Nikon stuff hold their value well making this approach practical. You can often sell the lense for the same amount you bought it for making the rental free.
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I think you're going to have a very hard time finding wide angle EF-S lenses for rent. At least in the USA, rental places cater to pros, who tend to have larger sensors.
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I agree with buying it and reselling it. How wide do you want? I bought a 16-35mm L lens in perfect shape from the Fred Miranda forums, then sold it to another user there for just a smidge less a few months later. I'm pretty sure there are enough European users there to make the same sort of thing possible, just mention when you post a "looking to buy" notice where you are and someone will probably hook you up.
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rentglass.com might ship to EU?

The other option would be to buy one used, and then sell it. I have done this numeruos times on FredMiranda.com, often selling the lens for more than I paid for it.

I consider any of my lens purchases long term (3 month) rentals, and always buy used.

Buy low-sell high.
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I think you're going to have a very hard time finding wide angle EF-S lenses for rent

EF lenses will work just fine on the Rebel, although you will lose some field of view. In addition to the Fred Miranda forums, the Canon Digital Photography forums have an active marketplace section as well as a large European contingent that might know about rental places in Sweden.
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