How can I boost my testosterone level without hard exercise?
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How can I boost my testosterone level without hard exercise?

I'm off heavy training due to shoulder and hip problems, and I miss the testosterone boost. I feel a lack of drive, libido and sense of wellbeing. I know there's a herb called tribulus, but this works by stimulating the thyroid which doesn't seem clever. I don't want to turn into a wolfman, just feel more normal.
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Try thinking about sex as much as possible, that's bound to boost levels.
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Exercise in and of itself does not produce testosterone. Also, the thyroid does not produce testosterone, the testes and pituitary gland do. Maybe you're tying the thyroid to regulation of testosterone production?

Do you have an abnormally 'low' testosterone level? Are you attributing the overall health effects of regular exercise to testosterone when in actuality it has little to do with it? Regular exercise can alleviate depression - your lack of drive, libido and sense of wellbeing may be indications of something other than testosterone levels.

If you're wondering about your testosterone levels, go to the doctor, get a simple blood test, and find out if you need non-steroidal testosterone supplementation (i.e. androgel).

IANAD, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night.
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As someone else has mentioned, you can try Zinc. Many people attest to the Zinc-Magnesium supplement ZMA. I recommend this site so often I feel like I always have to include this disclaimer: I don't get any kind of commission, I just like their stuff. I should talk to them about the commission thing, though...
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oh... and I mean 'non-steoridal' in the sense of not shooting yourself up with illegal stuff you found on the internet or in a Tiajuana back-alley pharmacy.
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Not conclusive, but phytoestrogens from such food as soy can maybe kinda possibly might potentially increase your testosterone levels - your body senses the elevation in "anti-androgen" and ups androgen production to restore the ratio.
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In The Abs Diet, it is said that Oat can increase your testosterone... wouldn't bet my life in a diet book, though.

You could also abruptly cut (or reduce) sexual relations without cutting the stimulation. Besides being with an almost constant hard on after 3-4 times your normal sex interval, and being overexcited even by girls elbows, there is a risk that your body will accomodate to this new low level (so, I wouldn't do this for more than a couple of weeks)
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Sounds like you're missing the endorphin rush of exercise, rather than the testosterone. I'm not sure what would be a good replacement for it, other than finding an exercise you can do in your current condition.
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Wouldn't you think that Viagra would either boost or depress T. levels?
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You might think that, but all Viagra really does is cause "smooth muscle relaxation (vasodilation) in the corpus cavernosum, resulting in increased inflow of blood and an erection." essentially, all it does is widen the arteries, allowing more blood to enter the spongy tissue in the penis.
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The worst thing for your testosterone levels is alcohol. Avoid alcohol in all forms of intake. It gives a sudden t-level decline, then if you are a chronic drinker you begin to form more feminine qualities, too.
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