How to get a few new clients for freelance web/ php work.
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One of my main clients (I'm a freelance programmer, been doing tons of web/php stuff in the past few years) stopped paying their bills and wanted to renegotiate my rate with them below the level I can live on ... I told them no, so now I need a new client or three pretty quickly. A lot of people here are freelance web developers; any suggestions on how to get a few new clients?
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Sue, sue, sue. Which continent are you on otherwise?
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As to the late payment, refer your invoice to a collections agency. I investigated this once for a dodgy client--the collections agency will take a 30% cut (IIRC), but the mere threat of one was enough to prompt very quick action by the client.

As to new clients, I'll be interested in hearing what other people have to say.
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maybe one of the companies mentioned here is good for getting more work?
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