Who's looking at my kid?
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Over the last few days, one of my pictures on Flickr has received about 300 views. This represents a quarter of all views to all my pictures since I joined. Someone must be linking to it, how can I find out who's doing so?
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Try putting a note in the title or description asking people?

Somebody will probably correct me but I don't think there's a way in Flickr to track referrals...
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Go to Technorati and put the photo page's URL into the search box - that'll give you most of the links to it.
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Unless they're very recent.
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You could try using google to track who is linking to the page, but you would no doubt need to wait till the web is indexed again.

Google syntax:
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It may have ended up in the Interestingness pool. If you go to this page, you can check if you ended up there. Otherwise, you can do a Google search with link:photo URL to see if any sites are linking to your photo page.
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OK, I've added it to my technorati search list and I've added a note. I'm not sure a technorati search will work as there are loads of different URLs for any given image.

Does anyone know which page (or pages) are counted?
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I thought Flickr only counted the main photo page? While that page can have many different iterations (viewed in set, viewed in photostream, etc etc), the base part of the URL should always be the same:

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flickrinspector will show you if your photos have been in explore in the last 7 days, and it provides search terms to see if you've been blogged. (Plus other fun stats.)
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You can also use a slightly different syntax to check for links (apparently Google's ":link" thing isn't totally accurate):

www.sitename.com -site:www.sitename.com
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Unfortunately, I'm not very interesting (according to Flickr, at least). I've set up a technorati watch list for my that image and for all my images, as nothing was returned just now.

I'm just a little wierded out because the image in question is a not particularly stunning picture of my 2 year old in a paddling pool....

BTW, the flickrinspector site threw up some interesting things... thanks for that link.
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You can set permissions to friends & family just in case it's anything weird...
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Thanks teq. I was able to find that the WFMU blog linked to my copyrighted photos. Asshats!
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How about try to seach for the filename in a Google Image search?
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How about try to seach for the filename in a Google Image search?
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Yeah, because DSC_0143.JPG is such a unique moniker...
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That happened to me, and I just asked in the description if anyone would be kind enough to tell me where the photo was linked. And someone did answer fairly quickly.

This is probably the solution that requires the least effort on your part.
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Well, I tried all of this and got no joy. I talked to my partner about it and when she saw the photo, she was horrified that I would put a photo of our son in a paddling pool up on the internet "where anyone could see it".

So I've done what judith suggested. Thanks for all the help.
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