Spectrophotometer Instruction Manual
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anyone know where i can get hold of a copy of an instruction/user's manual for a Pharmacia LKB Ultrospec II Spectrophotometer?
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They have one here. Maybe you can contact them.
posted by tellurian at 7:44 PM on July 27, 2006

Industrial surplus companies.

You might try eBay Want-It-Now
posted by baylink at 7:45 PM on July 27, 2006

Well, for one thing, you can use Datalyse software with it, to make plots using the built-in serial port, they may know something about it.

Also, the NIH seems to have one. Try calling and/or emailing them.

Otherwise I'd contact the manufacturer. That thing is so old that it's unlikely anyone has put the relevant info online - but anecdotally, I've gotten photocopied manuals for 20 year old Casio keyboards for free, just by calling the MFR and asking. Look them up.
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You could try contacting this seller or this seller and see if they have manuals. I don't think either of those auctions actually include manuals, but those surplus companies that are listing them might have copies or at least know where copies can be found.
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A bit closer to home, you might want to try Daintree. Even if they can't get you a manual you'll know where to go if you need a new lamp.
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Response by poster: thankyou all for taking the time to help.
i'd actually already written to nih before posting this, but they're yet to reply. just thought i'd put my feelers out in every direction. i'll see what the next few days bring.
thanks for the daintree link tellurian. it may end up being more economical than the u.s. supplier i had in mind
posted by hayeled at 8:07 PM on July 28, 2006

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