Help me fool the Citrix Client software. Please.
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I am having trouble conecting remotely to work via Firefox/Citrix.

When I am working away from the office, I acess my account via a Citrix login via either wireless broadband or dial-up, depending on what is available to me. I use a notebook PC running Win XP Pro that is locked-down. I usually use Portable Firefox to access the Web on this machine, particularly when out of the office, because the IE connection settings are locked into a proxy server setting that I can't change.

Last week, an "upgrade" was done on the Citrix Presentation Server and one of the "enhancements" was that IE is now the only supported browser to access the service. When I try to log-in from within Firefox, it keeps returning me to the log-in screen with no other information provided (we were advised before the upgrade that only IE would work). As I can't change the connection settings in IE, I cannot access the citrix log-in from IE. I can dial-in to the server, but this is incredibly slow and also ties up the phone line, is prone to drop-outs etc.

I have tried to gain administrator access to the machine so I can change the IE settings, using this, but for some reason the password it generates doesn't work. I have tried the "User Agent Siwtcher" extension to fool Citrix into thinking I am on IE (didn't work) and have tried the IETab extension, but come up against the proxy settings mentioned earlier.

I spoke to the IT help desk and their response was "Use the dial-in option". I really, really don't want to do this for the reasons above. I'm not even sure if "fooling" Citrix will work, but would appreciate any suggestions you incredibly smart people can offer, keeping in mind that i have almost no access to the machine to change settings (including no access to a DOS prompt).
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I don't believe it's possible. The browser will be the one they configured as a CPS application server-side (which is why you can't amend its settings, you're only running an instance of it) and their firewalls will be set to only take traffic from the citrix server that is actually running the instance - so while you're on that account it'll be the only one that works. No browser spoofing can fix it because it's based on server not client.

I take it, on a locked down PC, you don't have any choice about what you're booting up into, so you have to go immediately into a citrix account to connect? If so, I think that's pretty much it.
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Response by poster: No, I boot up into a normal OS (when not connected to the office network, anyway) so, if I could find something that would work, I could probably install it and launch the citrix log-in from that. I thought about installing a stand-alone copy of IE, but assume that it would still look to the connection settings on the machine, which I can't change.

I guess, in essence, this is the real problem - the inability to change the proxy settings for IE - if I could change those, I wouldn't have a problem.
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You might TightVNC or RDP securely into a machine inside the net that's using IE and the Citrix client...
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