Only in Portland: Tiara-Wearing Trash Ladies
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PortlandFilter: Have you seen the ladies in tiaras picking up trash on the bus mall?

I've seen a lovely only-in-Portland thing several times recently on the downtown transit mall: a group of ladies of a certain age, dressed in queenly garb (including tiaras). When they see a piece of trash on the ground, one points at it with a satin-gloved hand, another picks it up with a special implement, and another proffers the bucket into which the offending item is dropped. They then wave to the bemused outlookers and continue on their way.

Have you seen them? Do you know who they are? Major bonus points for a link to a website or blog that talks about them, or better yet, has a picture.
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I haven't seen them, but if I do I'll try to get a photo. Do they only come out on certain days/times? Have you seen them more than once?
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I have seen them at least twice on weekday afternoons near Fifth and Yamhill. Not sure what day of the week though.
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Man. I work right near Fifth and Yamhill. Haven't seen these ladies, but I'll keep an eye open.
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Hmn, there was a story about them in Willamette Week a year back or so, maybe more. If I remember it was a joke that some ladies started just for fun, and others have continued it... because, well, it *is* fun.
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I work near 3rd and Yamhill, and I haven't seen them. But I really want to!
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Man, I love living in this town.
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