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Film Recognition - Two guys shoot each other by agreement whilst trapped in a cellar - World War II film?

I've had a few memories jogged by some recent questions of scenes that stick in the mind but the film title has failed to - Anyone recall a fim with the above scene in it?

I recall further that the two were part of more, who died, and that the Germans were flooding the cellar at the time they decided the end was nigh and so shot themselves - and that the original group were on some covert mission to destroy something or someone, but nothing else I'm afraid!

Originally saw it around about the early eighties I think, but even that is a guess...
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Hmm, that sounds very familiar... I'm not sure what it was, but to possibly help, was there maybe some (actual water) flooding going on?
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Aaaagh! I remember watching this movie. The two were the last of a larger group of spies/resistance; at the end of the movie they were cornered in a cellar (which might have been their hideout?) and the germans on the outside try to flush them out by pushing firehoses through the windows and flooding the cellar. The last scene is a shot of them in waist(? chest?) deep water hugging each other with their gun against the other's head. They shoot and fall apart, dead.
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Is it A Very Long Engagement? I've seen it too, but I can't remember for certain what film it was. That's my best guess.
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Hmm I don't think it was that recent. It looked like it was made in the 70s or something. Then again I saw it on VHS, so the quality wasn't that great anyway.
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Response by poster: We're on the same topic but it isn't called Long Engagement - not the one that appears via Google anyways - that does sound like one-to-watch though!

You've got the scene perfectly pantsrobot - that's exactly what I recall - and my original thoughts were that it was late 70's too, but that would have made me very young to have been watching something like that...

That last scene really sticks in the minds eye huh? I must have been under the age of 10 but I still recall the terrible pathos of wanting them to get away *somehow* but the awful realisation that, well, they couldn't / didn't ...

I really have to see it again.
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Best answer: I can't remember the name of the film, but it was based on the true story of the Czech resistance fighters that assasinated Reinhard Heydrich.
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Best answer: I got Operation Daybreak by searching for Reinhard Heydrich as a character name at IMDb.
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Response by poster: Meiftes save the day. Again, as usual.

Go on about your business, nothing unusual to see here. :)
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Yes! Yes! Thank you! And thanks for asking that question DrtyBlvd:)
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