What type of music is it?
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i been jammin out to the Firestarter soundtrack by MoozE, and before that i was listnin to the OST's from Quake 2, and Quake 3 Arena.... i love this type of music! ok, so here's my question, what type of music is this? i'm asking because i want to find more
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Industrial/industrial ambient if memory serves.

First Quake had a soundtrack done by Nine Inch Nails.
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As did Quake 2.
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The Quake 2 soundtrack (and part of Quake 3) was by Sonic Mayhem, who have also done a number of other video game soundtracks.
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and q3 was Front Line Assembly, iirc.
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Response by poster: nah, q3a is Sonic Mayhem, chek ther homepage... . also, i dont like NIN, i'll chek out hte ambient industrial, and see if it sounds good
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if memory serves me, check out some ministry--mid term stuff like 'land of rape and honey' and 'filth pig'. other possibilities: helmet, tackhead, mark stewart, revolting cocks. front line assembly (mentioned above) and front 242 do a bit more 'electronic' version of this sound, along with recoil. many of these artists are 'related'--ie al jorgensen is both leader of ministry and revolting cocks, and for many years tackhead was mark stewart's backing band.
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The first Quake soundtrack is really unusual for NIN, if you haven't listened to it, check it out. If you can find a copy of an old quake install disk, the soundtrack is right on it. Track 1 is data and the rest of the tracks are music.

Some suggestions for industrial bands I could make are:

Skinny Puppy
Front Line Assembly
Nine Inch Nails (You said you don;t like them, but some of their stuff is quite different than their typical singles. Check out "Further Down the Spiral", an album of remixes)

I am very picky about this kind of music but I've enjoyed all of these. Some other typical industrial bands I hate, that other people seem to love are: VNV Nation, Nitzer Ebb, and Funker Vogt.

I'm sure someone could point out that some of these are not strictly industrial, but whatever. I can only genre-fy my music collection so far.
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Those bands aren't strictly industrial; they're EBM. ;)

The Quake 2 soundtrack was mainly Sonic Mayhem, but the "theme song" was (IIRC) by Rob Zombie. I can't really think of anything offhand that sounds like Sonic Mayhem, but you should probably check out Ministry. (recommended album: Psalm 69. The Land of Rape and Honey is also a great album, but it might be a bit oldschool for you...)

I haven't really heard the Q3A soundtrack (didn't like that game to be honest), but if you're looking for more Front Line Assembly (they apparently did part of the soundtrack, Sonic Mayhem doing the rest), I'd probably recommend:

- Flavour of the Weak (1998) and Implode (1999) came out at around the same time as Q3A, and probably have a similar style as the soundtrack. Flavour is more techno-ey, while Implode has a bit of a darker flavor to it.
- Hard Wired (1995) is probably their most balanced album - has a fair amount of guitar but also plenty of twiddly electronic bits.
- Caustic Grip (1991) or Tactical Neutral Implant (1992) if you want that oldschool flavor.

Watch out, FLA has a lot of albums (12 by my count, although I could be missing a couple)... they've been around for awhile.

And yeah, definitely check out Nine Inch Nails (I'd try Broken, which is totally rockin') and Skinny Puppy if you're not put off by creepy and weird (their "comeback" album The Greater Wrong of the Right is pretty good).
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Might also want to look into Electronic Body Music (EBM) which some use to describe this kind of music, I still don't completely get the distinction so it all gets filed under Industrial. Front Line Assembly is on the heavy angry side especially in later years and depending on how heavy you like it you might want to search out things from Tactical Neural Implant ... damn you neckro ;)

Though I disagree with the Psalm69 suggestion except, Jesus Built My Hotrod (which you get as a single) rest of the album sucked hugely IMHO.

Might also want to try using live plasma which does a "what's related" kind of search, its half way decent for the more popular stuff.
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"You know what they call industrial music over there?"
"Don't they just call it industrial music?"
"Naw, man. They've got an entirely different subculture. They call it 'electro body music'."
" 'electro body music'. Heh. What do they call techno?"
"Techno's techno. But they call it 'Le techno'."
"Le techno. What about house?"
"I dunno. I don't listen to that shit."
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I ran the very first Quake LAN party, ever, sponsored by iD software (at Gen Con, in case anyone cares). It was at one end of the exhibit hall, so the noise level was pretty intense.

Still, we played music that we thought fit in: mainly KMFDM (Xtort, Nihil, etc), NIN (Broken, Fixed, PHM, etc), and Ministry (Psalm69).
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EBM is what I like to call Industrial Dance. It's industrial, but more conducive to dancing at clubs that some of the stricter industrial that sometimes sounds like an angry German man locked in a shed with tools and lots of different surfaces to strike (not that that's a BAD thing, but it's not as much fun to try and dance to).

I'd recommend the Live Wired CD by Frontline Assembly. It's a great industrial ambient album. It's a double CD but you can find it for really cheap on amazon.
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I forgot about Live Wired. That's a good one.

I also, somehow, forgot about KMFDM. Try Angst or Nihil.
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