"You've got voicemail!"
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Looking for a good service (free or paid) to grab voicemail from existing devices (cell, work) and send it as mp3 attachments to my email.

I'm trying out GotVoice right now (as found on TechCrunch), and it's doing half of the job just fine. It picks up my Cingular voicemail messages, but can't connect to my work's voicemail box. Also, the sound file quality could better.

Are there other options out there like GotVoice? Note, I'm not looking for a new phone number to accept voicemail and send it to me by email. There are lots of providers that do that. I'd really prefer to keep my existing phone numbers and have something that just scoops up the messages and sends them to me.
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This week's Lifehacker has just the trick I think!

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Okay, my linky stink... try again:

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For the record, sprocket's link does exactly what you don't want.
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Augh, if that's true I'm sorry. I don't actually use the K7 service, but based on the description it looked like the perfect match.

Sorry again :(
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You could always try forwarding you home and work phones to your fancy new voicemail number when you're not around. That way you wouldn't need to give anyone the voicemail number, and you'ld get them in your inbox.
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