what is this book?
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Can anyone remember this book from my childhood? I know it was by two authors, science fiction.

The book described a massive, red sphere that was discovered and was of unknown origin. a huge ship was constructed to transport it, i remember the ship being described built to withstand triple the force required to hold the sphere. eventually, the ship falls apart and the sphere sinks to the ocean floor. at the very end of the book, it turns out the sphere was a seed from another planet or something like that. ring any bells?
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Best answer: The Ice Limit. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. They haven't written the sequel, and it doesn't look like they are going to.
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The authors say "We've received so many requests for a sequel, however, that we've changed our mind."

Meanwhile, they've written an online epilogue that takes the story a (very) small amount further.
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Response by poster: thanks! that was it.
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